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Superman's how to guide to posting on the form!

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Many have had trouble posting on the forums this is a quick tutorial on how to post picture, videos, and links on this forum.


This forum offers an image hosting feature.
First, click on the tab on the top of the response box that says "Host an image".
Next, click on "choose file" and select the image you want to post and click "Host it".
Three options will appear, all of them will work, however the one one titled "Image:" works the best.
Once you have chosen your option simply copy and past it in the box.

Note: If using Photobucket or Image Shack the IMG code is the best


Posting pictures is quite easy.
First select you're image hosting website such as Photobucket, Image Shack, or even this website (refer to above).
Next, acquire the IMG code then simply copy and paste. BOOM you're done!
If you're using this site refer to the "Hosting" section above.


If you are inserting a youtube vidoes, dailymotion videos, or google videos look here.
First find the youtube video you like and copy the URL.
Lastly, paste it in the "Video" tab (the one that looks like film) at the top then you're set.


Posting a link is super easy.
First, copy the URL of the page you want to go to.
Next, insert it in the top slot of the "link" tab. (the one that looks like a chain)
Finally, label the link how you see fit and then you're done. Note: Misleading links are subject for a ban.

Feel free to try out the above tutorials in this tread. If you have a problem do NOT post it here, simply post it in "How To"

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