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New to the shocker platform but organizing and funding a big project.

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Alright guys im relatively new to the shocker platform. In other words other than knowing that they shoot straight sex I know nothing about them. Although I have a personal friend who is going to be doing some extensive modifications to an NXT shocker that Im working on picking up. There is going to be extensive modifications to the internal parts and air passages as well as his own brand of custom tuning. When its done it will be running with all slp internals as well as all modified aftermarket parts. He has a large assortment of High Quality shocker internals from several Shego builds he did back in the day and with these he is going to build and tune me what I hope to be the ultimate shocker. He promised at least 30 BPS with a virtue as well as being smooth as butter. Im going to keep track of its progress here and when it is completed if it's as good as I have a feeling it will be I will see if he is accepting any new work.

Thanks guys be sure to keep in touch. When the ball gets rolling on this puppy its going to be awesome.

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How's the build going.

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