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Opinions on NDZ Can, IPR mod, and Vent Mod

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1Opinions on NDZ Can, IPR mod, and Vent Mod Empty Opinions on NDZ Can, IPR mod, and Vent Mod on Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:32 am

Just curious what opinions were on those items for an NXT.

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I have the cans in the "best upgrades" post already but im 10% done that post.

Im slowly building it as i go. Typing just takes so much time. That post will have every single part available for shockers when im done

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totally understand

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yeah my fingers hurt lol

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mine too lol.

I did that info for super thread, then read the message.


where is this upgrade thread?

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its the sticky in this topic "what are the best upgrades" or something like that.

progress is slow but steady

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missed that one lol


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